Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Relocation Down Under

For the last few years we've been using the same materials and furniture to create our unique set and aesthetic. We sourced most of this in 2010 and have become very familiar with all of it (too familiar...).

When we started making plans for Australia, we realised that transporting the entire set across would take too long; from the end of the Boy James in London we'd have needed a month to get it shipped. So the wonderful people at the Centre for International Theatre (C.I.T.) sourced it all for us. And they have done an amazing job. Everything we had in the UK is no replicated as if in some alternate reality here in OZ.

And he's your first glance of what we've created.

and after:
The Boy James and Outland run at the Adelaide Fringe Festival with The Centre for International Theatre (C.I.T.) until 18th March 2012. Tickets and more details at http://www.citadelaide.com/

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