Sunday, 8 August 2010

We're at the fringe!

So, we've been up in Edinburgh for nearly a fortnight now. It feels like years since we started our mammoth rehearsal schedule for The House Above programme.

So far the fringe has been unbelievable. The space we've made is by far our favourite, the shows surpass anything we've done before and our company are made up of some of the hardest working actors and crew in the world -without them, this project would not exist.

The fringe audiences so far have been a delight - they're wonderfully playful thus year and have been making our flyering a lot easier by singing our praises to other festhoers (Belt Up is currently the most positively tweeted about theatre at the festival, second most positively tweeted about act!).

The House Party bar nights have also been great, with Dreamscapes making a welcome return. We're also becoming a secret celebrity haunt with a few famous faces turning up for a drink!

In short, if the rest of the fringe continues to be as great as this then this will be by far our favourite festival yet!

If you haven't already, grab your tickets as soon as possible - the shows are selling out with the smaller capacity shows starting to sell out far in advance.


  1. I'm planning to hitch hike to Edinburgh to write for the Skinny from 22-25th August… No money. It'll be a Beat dream.

    I hope your shows haven't quite sold out yet, as I still intend to write about you!

    Alex V-W


  2. 'First you kiss me, then we fuck'.
    This is a story of growing up. The story starts with dreamy adventures, and the power of good right in front of you. The boy James is a sight of love. Till evil invades the room demanding 'first you kiss me, then we fuck'. The dreamy atmosphere becomes a sight from hell.

    This is a story that has the power to hit you for life. If you have the choice to see only a show at this year's Fringe, this is the show you won't want to miss!

  3. 謝謝大大的分享 我會學會反省與寬容 感恩 ∩△∩............................................................

  4. My wife and I saw "Lorca is Dead" on August 10th - and we had a blast. Wonderful, wonderful work I hope to see more of you all in the future.

  5. I went to see Metamorphosis while at the Fringe. It was by far the best show I saw during the week I was there. Unfortunately, it was the only Belt Up show I saw. It was amazing. You guys did an awesome job. I love the greek chorus-ish effect of the group. Fantastic job. I came away telling everyone I want to work with you some day. *smile*