Friday, 1 June 2012

Outland in London

We're really delighted that Outland is going to be coming to London in July. To get us warmed up for the Fringe we're going to be doing two performances in a stunning venue in Mayfair. The University Women's Club Library is, for anyone who has seen 'The Boy James' or 'Outland', undoubtedly perfect for a Belt Up performance. The room is a glorious Victorian library fitted with leather armchairs, sofas, wood panelling, chandeliers and lots and lots of books. 

As there are only two performances we strongly recommend booking sooner rather than later - tickets are selling very quickly.

If you're a fan of Belt Up, of Lewis Carroll, or just fancy a summer evening enjoying the lounge, library and gardens where you can have dinner or drinks all evening, then please do come along.

We're asking that everyone come in either Black Tie (just formal will do - don't worry if you haven't got a tux), or to come dressed as a character from a Lewis Carroll story. Part of the fun of performing is getting to put on a ridiculous costume; we'd like to share that silliness with everyone else. 

We hope to see you there!

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