Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Volcanic Ash: Cast Stranded Across the Globe

Now into our second day of rehearsals for our new show 'Lorca is Dead: or a Brief History of Surrealism', and the rehearsal room has fallen under the shadow of the world's most recent natural disaster. Volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano 'Eyjafjallajokull' has grounded flights across the globe. Among the millions trapped abroad are three of our cast members. One is stuck just across the 'Pond' in Belgium, another sunning himself in the Seychelles, and the third, all the way in China.

Rehearsals have begun, however, and we're hopeful that our lost actors will find their way home, soon.

To see how we're spending our time whilst so understaffed, keep an eye out for our video diary. Click here to see the first installment from Day One.

'Lorca is Dead' opens at York Theatre Royal on 5th May 2010.
Tickets available from York Theatre Royal.

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